Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

Perfect Afternoon

Kayaknya cuma ini lirik yang bisa mewakili setiap detail momen di siang kemarin.
Trimakasih banyak.

sky was so blue
with cloud and windy too
we were hanging out together
looking for a beautiful view

i took a cup of coffee
while you drinking your tea
you staring me and smiled as if there is something wrong in me

then we had a coversation, explanation,
emotion, and all sensation
and you gave all your attention to my action
oh you treat me very special
let the sun and the shines be the one that will convey your heart

oh somehow i knew that your love was true
oh i feel it when i spent my perfect afternoon with you..

perfect afternoon - endahnrhesa

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  2. ehm riejaaa. habis ada acara apa emang za?